3 Best headphones under 100

1. CB3 Hush ( $99.99)

If you need active noise cancelling and more comfortable headphones, then you need to try these. Their padding on the ear cups and headband feels good to touch and this makes them rest comfortably on your head for a long period of time. They can also be easily folded at the hinges making them fairly portable. There are 3 buttons on the right ear cup and all are multi-functions. You can use them to skip tracks, enter pairing mode, turn on the headphones and control volume. The left ear cup has a switch for turning on the ANC. They have the two best features crucial for every noise-canceling headphones: the sound and the ANC.


2. Grado SR60e ( $79.00)

These headphones will give you a taste of accurate sound for much less than their expensive equals. The company making them has over 60 years experience in making such products. With these headphones, you get to hear exactly what is going on with the audio. This makes them ideal for casual listening while in the office or when you are relaxing at home. Their headband is adjustable making them to comfortably fit in any head size.


3. Creative Aurvana Live ($52.99)

Creative is known for their ability to make quality yet low-priced products. These headphones have a 3.5 mm jack which is compatible with almost any device. If you want to plug in to high end gadgets, it has a quarter-inch adapter and 1.5m extension cable. It’s ear cups and the adjustable headband is made of plastic but the ear cups have 40mm drivers on the inside meant to push sound. They are not easy to fold making them not very friendly if you like tossing your headphones in your bag. However, they come with their own carrying pouch.

Some Interesting Facts About E-cigarettes

There is no doubt that E-cigarettes are making it big in many countries like the US and China. It is slowly becoming a favored choice for the sophisticated people. Here is a list of things to know about Electronic cigarettes, if you are considering trying your hands on it-

Best Facts About E-Cigarettes

How It All Started

The invention of the modern E-cigarette was made by a Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik. There is always something personal in every inventions and Hon Lik was not an exception. He worked on the concept of E-cigarette due to his own excessive smoking habits and citing his father’s death from Lung Cancer. Soon Hon Lik developed it and took the patent for E-cigarette and started marketing it in the year 2003.

The Question everyone has in mind- “Is it healthier compared to regular cigarettes?”

The fact is there is no burning in E-cigarettes and it prevents the formulation of injurious carcinogen that regular cigarettes have. Various researches done on the E-cigarettes show that the carcinogen here is lesser than the regular ones, but the nicotine is still present in it and it can increase the toxic intake in your body. Still, most of the researchers consider E-cigarettes as less harmful compared to normal ones.


E-cigarettes consumption is not called smoking; it is called “vaping”. With the help of star endorsement like Stephen Dorff and Katherine Heigl, it is earning some good reception from the smokers. Another important fact is many non-smoking areas allow “vaping” in public. Thanks to the new E-cigarettes, the recurring cost of those things are now quite less than most of the regular cigarettes and all these facts are continuously raising the market opportunities for E-cigarettes (almost $2 billion in the last year).

How it works!

One first requires buying an E-cigarette kit that holds the mechanism. This E-cigarettes run on a lithium battery, and this battery is the key in this product. It also contains a liquid instead of tobacco. The lithium battery helps to heat the liquid which creates vapor in the vaporization space that every E-cigarette contains. This whole process ends up creating vapors- most of these cigarettes also have an LED light on their end to give a feel like normal cigarettes. Another good thing about E-cigarettes is you are not required to buy different kits for different flavors. One can enjoy different flavors in the same kit.


This is one of the best things about E-cigarettes. As it is an electronic thing, it can be charged and can be used for numerous times. Most of the new E-cigarettes come with battery chargers like USB (Yes, just like your Smartphone). The cartridges containing liquid can also be refueled when required.

Problem with E-cigarettes

This is a fact that you must not miss out when you are looking for things to know about Electronic cigarettes. First, it was counted as a tool to help people to quit smoking. Soon the rainbow of hope got vanished as many studies showed that the liquid nicotine is also harmful for health. The vapor can create harmful impacts, if it is inhaled or comes in contact with skin. Another problem that E-cigarettes developed is related to its popularity. Many young and teenagers started to take up this fancy looking thing as their habit as they thought it fashionable and risk free.

Thankfully, studies are going on to make the E-cigarettes less harmful for health and one can hope for a rise in the quality along with its increasing market space. Looking for UK e-cigarettes? Find out more on sthreesolutions.com